St. George the Victorious

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  • Property type: House
  • Offer type: Properties for sale in Sofia
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Neighborhood: Kambanite
  • Total area: from 234 to 325 кв.м.
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Year of construction: 2015
  • Property status: Use permission
  • Property number: 817
  • Features: Without finishing works
  • Parking: Yes


St. George Victorious is a compound complex consisting of 18 single family houses with adjoining spacious private gardens.

St. George Victorious is a place for living that reflects the worldly philosophy аnd desire to create a home, which combines the advantages of the modern life and the nostalgic to the cozy home.The complex offers an environment, in which you can raise your children, gives you an atmosphere, in which you are able to find a nourishing relaxation, ensures a direct contact with nature, making your life pleasant.


An excellent investment – by buying a home in the complex you become an owner of a house with its own courtyard in one of the most perspective and prestigious regions in Sofia. St. George Victorious offers a home, not only an property.

Serenity and security – the live guard and the most modern technological security systems guarantee the protection and the comfort of your family and estate. The controlled access to the complex ensures not only the safety of your property, but the calmness of you and your children as well.

Close to business – with its key location – only a few minutes away from the biggest business park in Sofia, the modernized airport and the new administrative center of the capital on Tzarigradsko Shose boulevard, the complex is a perfect choice for the dynamic business person, who do not want to waste their time in the heavy traffic.

Relaxation and lifestyle – children’s town Kambanite is one of the most quiet and еcological regions in Sofia. The proximity to the Vitosha park and the Lozen mountain  guarantees a permanent flow of fresh air. The Pancharevo lake and the Iskar lake attract the fans of water sports and the enthusiastic mountain-climbers. The Simeonovo lift is a trademark icon for the fans of winter sports.

Close to the nature – each single home has been built in full harmony with the surroundings. The gardens, as well as the surrounding infrastructure, are planted with unique vegetation species, selected in accordance with the climate of the Vitosha mountain foothills.

The social surroundings that are established by the neighbors is another important criterion for the choice of a home in our complex. The restricted capacity of “St. George Victorious” guarantees that your children will grow up in a peaceful and friendly environment.


The compound St. George Victorious is located in the Kambanite area in Sofia. Only a few minutes from here are Business Park Sofia, the cabin lift Simeonovo, Sofia Airport and Iskar Lake. In this region are the English-American school and the monument Kambanite.

In a close vicinity to your home you will find the best schools for your children, big business and shopping centers, pharmacies, hospitals, shops, cinema. The location of St. George Victorious is offering all advantages of the central city region, but adding to this silence, calmness, pure nature and personal area.

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  • Published: January 5, 2021
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